Sunday, September 10, 2017

Update on Urbandale's New Bridge Over Walnut Creek

If you have ridden from the Clive Greenbelt to the Raccoon River Valley Trail you would have noticed the "TRAIL CLOSED" signs and a large pile of dirt at the north end of the Hickman rd underpass.  The City of Urbandale is building a pedestrian bridge over Walnut Creek to link with the RRVT.

Official statement on August 23, 2017 reads: Urbandale Pedestrian Bridge


"This project would provide for the installation of a 5' wide sidewalk from the intersection of 
Deer Creek
 Trail and Hickman Road to connect to the Raccoon Valley Trail.  This project will also include
 a 60-foot
 long pedestrian bridge over Walnut Creek."

Project Status Update - 08/23/2017

The Raccoon River Valley Trail at Hickman Road is closed. The contractor has begun work 
on bank shaping
 and stabilization along Walnut Creek. Project is expected to be complete by the end of September. "

Since Mary and I were in the area yesterday and assuming that no one would be working on the bridge 
during the holiday (Iowa v ISU Football Game) we decided to take a peak.

Here is the view from underneath Hickman Rd.

Here is the view of a possible trail connection from 128th.

But most likely one will only be able to reach this via Deer Creek Trail.  To get to that road one needs
 to be on 
NW128th and turn west on Cardinal Lane then a right on Oakbrook Drive and and left on Deer 
Creek Trail and head south.

Or one can take the sidewalk along Hickman Rd and catch the new section at the intersection.

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