Saturday, January 5, 2013

The last Commute

The last gauntlet run on Park Ave.  Nothing exceptional.  Cold in the morning, 17F.  Empty and silent. 

No rabbits.  No deer.  No joggers. No other bikes.  Traffic seemed less than normal, I could blow through every stop sign without witness.

No Diane and Merlin.  Gonna miss that 200 lb dog.  No skunks although I thought I saw tracks.  No rustling of birds in the trees.

Some disappointments.  Never got the chance to ride on the trail with virgin snow.  Follow the tracks left by a fox.  And to see that bushy tailed bastard look at me from 300 meters and then disappear.  Just as well, Mary and I saw one 3 days after Draco.

I regret not taking the long way to work.  The extra 2 miles if I would have taking the GWT to McKinley.  I used to take that home to avoid Park Ave.  But Time is precious in the morning.  I like to have 15 minutes or more after arrival to change and surf the web.  Sleep will not be sacrificed for 2 extra miles.

Some relief.  Did not have to deal with 20 below Zerex this winter.  I was ready.  But as far as winter goes this one was easy.

Monday I start a 2 mile commute.  I lose 4 miles each way.  But New opportunities to ride before punching in.  A chance for breakfast and reading.  I miss reading books before work.  Shower facilities too!  I can take a shitbike if I fancy.  2 miles each way.

St Raphael and the Velogods have been good to me.  I thank them.  In 3 years only one close call, only honked at one.  Time to pack it in.

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