Sunday, June 30, 2013

Exceeded My Goal

Never had 1000 miles in a month and knew this June would be the nest opportunity.  My commute went from 13 mile round trip to 27.  Our South Dakota adventure, RASDak, would be close to 500 miles.  Opportunities for century rides on the weekend would crop up as they have in past years.  Just needed to stay healthy and enjoy dry weather.  Easier said than done.  But I was getting 30 miles Monday through Friday just going to work during the past 2 weeks.  The final week required almost 200 miles just to reach the goal.  My wayward distractions, staying out too late on Thursday and Friday almost prevented me from achieving the 4th digit.  Now I plan to settle down and maintain for my Ragbrai expedition.

1056.3 miles for the month of June, 2013.
Previous monthly record: 857 miles July, 2010
Previous June record: 819.4 miles 2012
253 miles ridden this week.
447 in the past two weeks
126.9 (just Saturday and Sunday June 1 and 2)
405.5 (RASDak minus the 48 from Sunday used in previous week)

Miles/Bikes Used
125.9 LeMond Versailles road bike century ride with Walter and Kramer and Riggs 110 miles
282.1 Trek 2200 roadie main commuter
101.8 Trek 520 touring
 34.5 Trek FX7.5 hybrid
 29.1 Fisher Gemini tandem Dora as stoker on a trip to Cumming
446.5 Cannondale RT3000 tandem all in South Dakota during RASDak Faces2Falls
       5 Raleigh LTD-3 neighborhood grocery getter
 32.1  Raleigh Grand Prix 28.8 miles on Cruiser 100 (drop bars replaced with moustache bars)

Most of my riding was done with Mary, the lion's share as my stoker in South Dakota.

Big thank you to Joe Hildreth for getting us to South Dakota.

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