Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Observations of Late

1.   Road bikes are the best commuters.

Lighter, faster.  Ever have to carry a bicycle over 3 miles of downed limbs and trees?  Thursday September 19, 2013, I found myself underneath the I-35 overpass while hurricane like winds and rain wreaked havoc on the metro.  After 20 minutes it calmed down but my next 3 miles were hell.  Sometimes I could not get 5 pedal strokes in before having to dismount and climb over a dead tree or limb.  Fortunately, I was on a relatively light road bike and not my heavy touring bike or any other 20 lb+ bicycle.  Faster is good too.  Faster bikes allow for later departure times thus more sleep or more time to screw around at home looking for some lost object for 20 minutes.

2.   I have uber immunities or Always check the water bottle before use

Been using the same bottle on the Trek for over a month.  Always fill it with ice and water before leaving work.  One time I filled it with Gatorade.  Today after dumping the contents out as I made my way to the ice and water machine I by chance glanced into the bottle.  Dark spots on the bottom.  How long had they been there?  Why have I not been ill?  I grabbed a Smart Water and put the empty moldy bottle on the spare cage resolved to clean it when I am home.

3.   When the "green" light stops appearing on the Niterider charger that battery is fubar

Yes.  A battery that is only good for 30 minutes at best.  Bad time a year for it to crap out.  Hope InterState Battery has an inexpensive replacement for about $25.

4.   100 PSI in the front tire is better than 30

Not only did pumping the tire up prevent a pinch flat in waiting but improved my speed to work and back!  I really need to check it more often.

5.   I can increase my average speed even if I loop Gray's Lake

I have not looped this lake since March becaue it is overcrowded with pedestrians.  But today I weaved my way through it.  Cannot wait until December when the only people on that trail are professional runners and idiots like me.  BTW my average speed increased by .1 on that 1.9 mile stretch.  Only took the grass once!

6.   Shorts and sandals are good in the lower 50s

That time of year again.  Do I wear extra clothes in the morning or do I tough it out?  52F is not that cold and people would be willing to chop off toes for a low of 52 F come January.  Best let the body adjust for winter because the mornings have not been cold yet.

7.   Never too late for construction in Iowa

Yes the land rapers and greedheads are at it again.  This summer has plagued bicyclists (and motorists too for that matter) with never ending road construction and detours.  Today they were ripping out trees on the Missing Link.  Guess that's why there are pink markers on that trail.  Bastards.  Leave well enough alone please!

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