Saturday, February 22, 2014

Das war das Ende aller Traume

One last chance to own the Giant Via 3 Raw that I got on St Patrick's Day 2011.  The coolest looking bike I ever owned.  Then after some 200 miles some bastard stole it from me.  In the 2 and a half years following that heart break i have browsed Bike World's webpage and searched the internet to find another.  Bike World had two, a large and a medium.  Mine was a small.  I thought that the medium would work.

Was planning to dress it up with a set of Velo Orange hammered fenders.  Get a rack and some sturdy bags for the back.  Swap out the bars for something better.  Install the patterson transmission crank to make it a 3 speed.  Perhaps do some weekend touring on it.  Yeah, I had plans, had some dreams.

So we went to the Warehouse sale to look at the medium.  Too big.  Crushing.  Day ruining.  Saw ghosts of bikes past:  A 1989 Trek 7000 in the same paint scheme as the one I sold.  A Cannondale very similar to the one Timmy lost.  As Casey said, "you can never replace the ones you lost.  They are never the same."  Bullshit, just get me the right size!

Well, 10 minutes of a ruined day  before I distracted myself with working on the Beast and riding a Bianchi.  Bikes come and bikes go.  Will still keep my eyes out for the small Raw Via.

Das war das Ende aller Traume--That was the end of all our dreams.

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