Thursday, April 23, 2015

20 lb of Bird, 19 Vessels of Booze and a Can of Beans

Probably a stupid time to purchase chicken but hind quarters were 50 cents a pound and skinless+boneless breasts were $1.97.  New Belgium Ranger was $11.99 a 12er and the Sample Lady gave me two shots of Palm Breeze malt liquor, the Ruby Red tasting like Fresca.  4.5 but smooth and tasty.  Dangerously tasty.

So I loaded these fine fowl and alcohol products on to my bike.  Chicken in the panniers along with daily stuff I carry.  Had to strap the booze on top of the panniers along with a bag of miscellaneous--work clothes, glass and layers not needed.  61F and sunny.

Crossed University to visit my friend Anders at his store, The Rookie.  We rode home together until his turn  Unfortunately, as I leaned the bike against his business, as i threw a leg over to dismount, the bike fell over toward me and I fell backwards landing on my back.  My helmet may or may not have saved me but my back stung for a minute or two.

Gorgeous Spring evening to ride home.  The light was weaving through the tree in Water Works perfectly.  I should have stopped to photograph it.  Another time I pray.  Also saw Sam Auen riding a tandem.  Glad he could get out and have some fun.

Made it home safely.  Noting fell off the bike nor did I have to stop to adjust the load.  Nice having a friend be able to drop back and verify.  Take it easy.

PS  The 19th vessel of booze was a Merlot, Gallo.  Going to give it a shot.  I'd like to score another case while the price is right,

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