Monday, July 13, 2015

Full Kit Day

82F at 4 am.  Humidity at 89%.  Yes, jersey and bike shorts.  No cotton.  Must stay as cool as possible.  Must allow the sweat to get off the skin, through the clothes and out into the air.  The only reason to dress this way.

 Left the reflective safety vest at home since it is just another layer.  The bike's flashers should be good enough.  Forecasted high is 96F.  Groovy, really groovy, Man.  The only thing I should have worn was a head band.  Salt in the eyes.

Got to work and Linda asked what I was doing on a bicycle on such a miserable morning.  "Eliminating excess sodium!"  Honest I was.  I was also grateful for the headwind. It helped keep me cool, somewhat until I stopped..

Summer in Iowa.

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