Monday, December 14, 2015

Rainy Days and Mondays....

The last of the snow in the Des Moines Metro

3.82" of rain since Saturday in Des Moines.  That puts a damper on things such as my quest for 10,000 miles this year and trails to ride on.  Almost every major trail system in the Des Moines metro area has been closed due to flooding.  Water Works Park flooded so much that the annual Jolly Holiday Lights tour had to be closed and electronics  evacuated.  The Raccoon River is angry, Walnut Creek is now a river.  But we rode to work anyway.

This morning's rain was light and not bad.  It's just that all the detours we had to take added time and exposure to the rain.  I had the foresight to pack clothes to ride home in.  But I left the good lights at home in case they got to wet and ruined.  We took Ingersoll to Grand at 63rd.  Then Grand to 8th and down hill to Buffalo Rd.  Mary took Swanson.  She discovered that the tunnels under I-80/35 were flooded.

On the Way home I took Westown Pkwy/Buffalo Rd to Wal Mart then inspected the trail toward 63rd.  the Walnut was still a river so I took the old detour then Ingersoll.  To my displeasure, the batteries for my front light were dead, their last juice used for the ride to work.  This necessitated a stop at Dollar General after a brief trip down Ingersoll sans front light.  Yes, I was THAT bike.

It was cooler and windy.  A NW wind at 20 mph.  So once home I secured the car and picked up Mary.  I was willing to bet that her clothing was still wet and it would take her 2 hours to get home.  Oh well, stereo and heat and the ability to pick up pizza on the trip back.  She appreciated the gesture.

On our way to pick up the pies we checked out Swanson Blvd.  We saw the Rookie, Anders' place of business, sports memorabilia.  Then a red flasher.  It was Anders riding home from work.  His trail decimated by the flooding.  Mary confessed that she was cheating and I felt bad there was not room for him in the Taurus.  I admire his dedication to commuting.  A lesser person would have gotten a ride.

But I was not done riding.  I had to fill a growler.  Java the Hutt debuted at Court Avenue Brewing Co. today.  I missed the party but was still able to get the beer.  Also needed soda for the family.  Mary needed caffeine.

They said we would have received 40" of snow if it was colder.  I think I would have preferred that to the rain.  Snow I can brush off myself.  Rain penetrates to the bone.  Snow does not flood trails.  Rain does.  2015, the Year of Trail Floods.

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