Monday, April 25, 2016

Returning to the Scene of the Crime: Health Update

It's been 11 months since I visited mercy West Walk In Clinic.  Last time I was there I went in for bronchitis and/or exercise induced asthma.  I was one sick puppy.  It hurt my lungs to ride up hills.  That day I was on a Campy carbon fiber bike and I hated the pathetic excuse of a hill from the swimming hole to the clinic.  It was there I learned that my BP was out of control, dangerously out of control.  And BTW I had bronchitis and pink eye caused by said respiratory illness.  This reinforced my avoidance of doctors.

Well it has been a miserable 10 days.  What started out as possible Spring allergy turned into never ending coughing and spitting out brown phlegm.  In addition to that, a few days after sneezing began I somehow torked my right ankle.  I forget what exactly happened except that I was home and it did not hurt that bad but I knew there would be great sorrow when I woke up.  Sure enough the foot locked up on me and hurt like hell in the morning and I was limping like I had stepped on a landmine.  Normally for both issues I let it ride for a week and wait for signs of improvement.  None.  A week later I am worse.  Time to bite the bullet and see a doctor.

This time I am on a single speed bike which needs a bigger cog.  The 16T is a bit too tall for me. I would like a 20T for spin and hills.  If I wanted a Go Fast Bike I'd ride one of my roadies.  So I know the drill.  They will take my BP when I get to exam room.  My name and high BP sets off alarms.  But I got a trick:  wait outside for 15 minutes to relax and return the BP to normal.  After all, I rode a single speed bike to the clinic.  Sure enough, the nurse mentions that my BP was extremely high a year ago but this time it was good, 124/75, better that the 179/120 or whatever.  It probably would have been lower if I was not nervous about them taking it.  Should have dropped another Metoporol an hour before this encounter.  Should have dropped 20 lbs since last year.....

Lungs first.  Should have heard the wheezing when the stethoscope was placed on me.  She said since I had this cough for a week without improvement then it was not viral and therefore bronchitis.  Antibiotics prescribed.  Since I have had a lot of drugs this year my prescriptions are free now!  First time ever I met a deductible!!

The foot.  X-rays.  I look down and it is glowing green right now.  They will call tomorrow.  But the more I think about it now I wonder if the pad between the leg bone and the foot bone has worn out or messed up.  For good measure I suggested gout so I got to do a gout blood test.  Since I have BP and heart issues anti-inflammatory is not advised.  I got nothing.  Should have moaned when she touched the foot searching for the trouble maker.  Rule #1 ALWAYS OVERDRAMATISIZE THE PAIN.  I seem to forget this rule.

That being said, my foot hurts when I wake up, totally stiff and painful.  I almost need a cane.  Somehow it does not hurt when I ride.  Well, if I clipped into pedals it would be a bitch but the Vanquish has platform pedals.  I usually swallow 4 Aleve and put on high tops.  Seriously, I could ride a century without issue, a little soreness yes, but ask me to walk a half mile and I would drop to the ground curl up and cry.

Waiting for the phone call...

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  1. I hope you feel better soon. I hate it when my body isn't happy.