Monday, May 23, 2016

The Morning Sun

There is an older gentleman that rides a recumbent around town.  I see him all the time.  One day we met on the Des Moines River Trail.  It was after work.  He said that he was returning to the exact spot where the sun's final rays turned the woods into a bright orange glow.  I tried finding it there the next day.  Never did see it.  Just had to be there at that one magical moment when all conditions are perfect.  The earth's position and atmospheric conditions and being at the precise location.  Not easy.

This morning I found my spot.  Sunrise.  The darkness of winter so far away and now it's getting close to full daylight on the commute to work.  I feel it is so late when I get to work and have not needed bike lights to see.  But today I knew I was not late.  My health was the best it had been in months and the bike was moving fast.  Actually left home early for a change.

Somewhere on Clive's Greenbelt Trail it happened.  About 11 miles into the commute.  Just passed the 3 mile marker and headed into the curves.  Tight little switchbacks not unlike skiing.  Carved the bike to the left and prepared to turn it back to the right and I saw it.

Everything was bathed in a red glowing light.  My first thought was that there was someone behind me with a large red light.  I glanced over my right shoulder and saw the deepest and brightest red sunrise ever between the trees,  Instead of stopping and taking a photo right then and there I pushed on hoping for a clearing.  No clearing until NW 114th was reached.  Missed the best of the reds but I am happy with the photos I took.

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