Saturday, August 6, 2016

The Great Freezer Filling Challenge

Strap em on!  Turkeys in the front bags.  And the half and half.  I am disgruntled without it in my coffee.

Two of my favorite proteins went on sale this week.  Pork loin and turkey.  Hy Vee had frozen turkey breasts on sale for 69 cents per pound..  These are basically 9 lb turkeys without the garbage on them--legs and wings.  Thaw them out and they are perfect for the smoker, Weber grill and oven.  I suppose one could carve them up for other things but I am lazy when it comes to cooking.  The pork loins are lean and require very little fat trimming.  They can be use for so many meals--stir-fry, oven roasting, cut and grilled like chops, pound into tenderloins, or slow cook a section on the Weber grill for an hour and a half to perfection.  Once again they average 9 lbs.

Thursday was the day I designated for the store raid.  Unfortunately, when I grabbed the 520 the rear tire was flat.  I took the Soho instead with its smaller panniers figuring I could place two turkeys in each bag.   Wrongo!  Only one each.  Fortunately, Mary met me at the Windsor Heights location and she carried two for me.  Other groceries were carried as well such as the fixings for tacos as it was Taco Night at home.  The best part of this load was that anything that needed to be kept cold or frozen could be placed next to the turkeys.  It was 93 F outside.

That evening I put the front panniers back on and fixed the flat on the 520.  No screwing around tomorrow.  Serious shopping!   Once again after work I found myself in Windsor Heights and I purchased two more turkey breasts, a bag of Jasmine rice and a quart of half and half.  The half and half was probably the most important item since tomorrow would be Saturday and I would need it for quality coffee.  Like a fookin' idiot I left my wallet on my bike I hate carrying things in my pocket while riding.  "Excuse me Miss, I need to run to the bicycle rack and grab my currency.  Just take a sec!"   I felt stupid.  At least the weather was better at 81 F.  It did not hurt to step outside.

Fareway on Grand Ave was the next stop.  I did not even grab a cart while making my beeline to the meat counter.  Step outta my way!!  I left the damn coupon on the bike but I have never been asked to present one.  Two 9 lbers for $14 a piece.  I'll cut them into 3 each and put 5 bags into the freezer.

So tonight, grilled loin with fresh sauteed zucchini and squash from the garden served with Jasmine rice.

The new birds.  Not shown are the other two and all the other food in this freezer, 90% protein.

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