Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Last Day/Commute of Summer

430 am I open the door and I felt it right away.  Not unlike opening an oven and having a meat loaf slap my face but then again not that bad.  76F with 80% humidity it was almost suffocating.  Going to sweat on this ride.

Crossing the bridge at water Works park we first noticed the fog.  And the deer.  And the walnuts.  All three at once.  Deer everywhere betrayed by the reflection of our lights against their eyes.  Some running across the trail, others hiding in the trees.  Keep eyes moving from the deer to the trail to find a clean line through the black walnuts scattered on the trail.  Nature's IED.

The wind is from the south so we feel zero movement of air and hence the fog off the river.  The river is very high from recent rains and I fear the next rain will send it over the banks and onto the trail.  The last day of summer, late September and I really should be mowing the lawn twice a week.

The worst fog was along Walnut Creek as we rode along the dog park and entered Colby Park.  Fortunately, we stayed on the trail and did not hit anything or anyone.  The trail has been rather empty of humans today.  Just a few people fishing at the beginning near Mullets.  No other bikers or runners.  The usual dog walkers are absent as well.  We may have started early today.

The Greenbelt was actually a relief.  Despite its curvy nature it is more open for airflow and we cool off a bit.  But we are ever alert for other trail users, noticeably absent today.  yesterday a man walking a golden retriever dutifully stepped off the trail and heeled his dog to let us by.  I guess he saw our bright lights from a distance.  They were not there today.  Just rabbits, cats and deer.  The fog was gone as well.

We parted ways at 128th.  Mary headed north, me south into the wind.  But it felt good as it evaporated the sweat and cooled me down.  In a few months it will be much cooler and then miserably cold.  I look forward to bitching about that but will appreciate not overheating.

Fare the well, Summer, we will miss you when you really decide to leave us.

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