Friday, October 14, 2016

What the Hell Happened on Ashworth Rd Last Night?

Brake part laying next to my ATM on Westown Pkwy.  A remindered that the streets are littered with parts.  I think it was smiling and laughing at me!

I'm beginning to think that THEY do not want me to ride a bicycle to work anymore.  First an irreplaceable and unsafe-to-detour section of trail is closed for a week or so forcing me to find alternative routes.  Now I find one of my alternatives a literal battleground for cars.  Ashworth Rd from 8th St to well past 16th.

I took this road to avoid the Dowling 5 am gang and the hill.  Ashworth to 28th is what I rode.  Done it many times at 5 am when traffic is nill.  But as soon as I made that left turn onto it I knew something had happened.  For 10+ blocks my lane was litter with bits and pieces of cars.  Plastic bumper parts, headlight assembly, chunks of tire with wire beads sticking out, glass ect.  Even where a lane was closed off for construction this dross was strewn all over the road.  There was a continue stain of some automotive fluid in the lane and upon closer inspection fresh grooves cut into the asphalt surface from something dragged or pushed.

I was glad I rode my touring bike with its beefy flat resistant tires.  Any lessor tire probably would be missing air.

I was glad to turn right onto 28th and make my way across I-235 to Westown Pkwy.  Away from the rolling battle.  But near my final stretch on Westown I discovered that road construction took out several lanes.  Damn, I should have taken the trail!

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