Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Why Bother With The Uniform

Yeah, a motorcyclist in France but I like the photo.

You know it.  Hi-Viz yellow/green/orange.  reflective strips.  That yellow vest with reflective areas.  People think you are a lot attendant or road worker or a member of the DOT.  Does it really work?

Today I witnessed two high profile vehicles, SUV's, both white in color, smash into each other on Ingersoll Ave.  Of course they stopped in the middle of the road and created headaches for westbound  traffic.  I'm sure cagers will grumble about the bike lane taking up a lane.  In fact, I think one of the crashers was in the bike lane.

My only thought was this, If they cannot even see each other how in the hell are they going to see me or any other person on a bicycle?  Have of them are staring at their phones anyway.

Now I am not saying that one should dress in asphalt black or concrete grey when cycling in the streets.  Just that don't have your hopes up in dressing like a road worker.  They get hit and killed as well.

Another thing, if we truly want more butts on bikes then maybe we should present ourselves as normal human beings and not some sort of sporto on the way to the Tour de France.  Bicycling should be presented as a regular activity that does not require full kit or extreme safety equipment to enjoy, unless of course, that is your fetish.  Image issue?

What you should carry:  ID, insurance card, ICE number, name and number of next of kin or spouse, hospital preference and religion if applicable.  Lucky rabbit's foot, rosary beads and a four leaf clover would not hurt either.

I stopped wearing vests some time ago.  They just turn dirty and gross after all the miles I ride.  I do like the pocket for the phone but don't really need one.  The same with yellow rain jackets.  Despite this I want the vest that says


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