Wednesday, January 2, 2019

2018 the Last Commute

The bicycles Mary and I used for The Last Commute and Dogfight.  Photo taken on the rooftop patio of the Biciflats where the NYE party was held.

Much better than last year.  Despite the light rain and occasional flurries it was above freezing.  last year it was -3*F in the morning then it dropped to -14*F for the trip home.  27 miles and snow.  This year it was a 4 mile round trip.  Dry in the morning and I forget the temperature but suffice to say that I did not wear anything extra for the cold so it probably mid to upper 20s.  But the rain....

Craig and I discussed a lunch ride.  Very doable.  I suggested The Chicken,  He never had been there.  10 miles from Orlando's on the Great Western Trail.  But I could not get out of work early and as the day went on the rain and snow hit.  Although the temperature was to remain above freezing until the evening the possibility of ice was a risk we did not want to face.  Besides, rain when the temps are in the low 30s is the worst.  At 1 pm we changed the destination to Fuzzy"s Tacos.  Cheap food and beer, wifi and an electrical hook up.  I was off at 216 and told Mary to meet us there.  She had the day off.

Funny thing about my text to Mary, I typed Mullets not Fuzzy's by mistake.  Mullets was in consideration for a destination.  While we waited and waited for her the error was discovered and corrected.

Nice last lunch together with Craig.  Too bad Kim had to work.  Discourse on bike rides for 2019 ect.  Eventually it was time to go.  Mary had to help our daughter Katie set up for her New Years Eve party.  The rain was over.

Nothing to note on the way home until we approached our home.  The people who live catty cornered across the street have two small dogs that often are running loose on the streets.  They also have small children who are often running into the streets chasing said dogs.  One day, I fear, a car is going to kill one of those kids.  One of the dogs was attacked by people down the road, presumably sick of loose dogs, and nearly killed.  It was since calmed down somewhat but the scar on its neck bears witness to the lesson.  Its owner "maybe I'll have to keep him tied up."  Yes please do.

So as we got there the white dog gave Mary chase as she turned into our driveway.  I switched into am acceleration gear and gave pursuit.  Not that the dog would bite but it is annoying and does not belong in the street or our on our property.  The children were yelling at it to come back.  I was going to scare it!  And them!  School is in session!!

Popular in Asian countries these bikes are highly maneuverable and easier to store than traditional road bikes.  They are not, however, foldable bikes.  Someone downtown has a blue Schwinn, old iron Schwinn, with BMX wheels on it.  you can see it at Hy Vee or on Court Ave occasionally.

So I got it off Mary's 6 and back into the street and had its complete attention.  But there was a problem.  A wise person once said "never get into a turning battle with a Zero".  True.  I could charge at the dog but he could step back and avoid contact and turn on me.  Had to zoom and boom his ass!  My bike's 700C wheels just lacked the maneuverability need for this situation.  Feint away from the house to get room and speed and the dog headed back to his house and the waiting screaming children.  NOW!!  Full speed!!  Hop the curb!!  Avoid the tricycle that has been laying there for weeks!  Riding into that front lawn right on his ass!  Nobody knew what to say.  The oldest boy grabbed the mutt and I left hoping that my tires sunk in and left tracks.  Also hoping that there was not an ice patch hidden that would knock me down.  All clear and I rode it on in to my property avoiding the ice and mud pact near my fence.  Commute over.  Commuting over for 2018.

One ride left.  To Katie's NYE party!  Uneventful ride and much better than the -15*F from last year but that's another story.

Have a fine 2019!!!

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