Sunday, February 3, 2019

BRR 2019 New Perspective

Parked my bike at Ground Zero.

I have been participating in the annual BRR (Bike Ride to Rippey) for ages.  I think 1992 was my first BRR.  For me it was like one day of Ragbrai except on its date, the first Saturday of February, there can be something like a 120*F temperature difference.  BRR can be cold. This year it was warm with the temperatures well above freezing in the mid 40s.

The first year I did BRR I rode Mary's blue Cannondale and rode alone, no friends or family.  I recall that an official BRR SAG wagon handed out cans of Budweiser in Rippey, the turn around point 12 miles from the start in Perry.  It was a fun ride.  Once outside Perry the countryside turns into a barren wasteland of Iowa tundra.  Halfway through there was a farm that served hot chocolate with schnapps.  The next year Mary and I rode this on tandem and eventually our bicycle Team, Mystery Machine rode with us in force.

But like a lot of good things the good times ended.  There was never much to do in Rippey except try to get a drink in the only bar in town with was packed or drink beer at the gas station.  We would carry are own supply.  The scenery never changed.  The hot chocolate stop ended and often we drank out beer on a gravel road intersection out in the tundra.  Then the cops made their presence felt.  I was told to dump my Guinness at the stop sign on the city limit in Rippey.  We all had to dump our beers.  As Eric Crabb told me, "It became a pain in the ass for me and we were harassed by 5 0 a couple of years so I said no more."   We started riding to Bouton instead and drank at Carmen's.  Friends also started riding to Perry from Des Moines.  I never did but like to sometime.   Mary and I stayed home instead.  If it was nice like it was in 2009 Mary and I would just go for a ride from home and avoid the circus.  And then Mary and began 5 years of  30 mile per day bicycle commute to work and back.  We did BRR every Monday through Friday everyday of winter.

This year I gave it consideration again.  Perhaps ride to BRR with Craig as an offer was considered.  Maybe drive to Madrid and ride across the Trestle to get to Perry.  But the trail was most likely buried in snow.  Then I got a message from Colin.  Paraphrased, "Haul me and my DJ equipment to Rippey."  Interesting.   Rippey needs a DJ?  They must be doing something.  Rippey has never done anything outstanding for BRR in my memory.  Others may disagree but I have never seen it.  Maybe they have finally discovered the gold mine they have been sitting on for decades.  What the hell, Colin, I'll take you there and my bike.

About half the taps.  I had the Parkside Heffe

We had to be there by 9 am.  There was a large tent set up.  We had the southwest corner to set up  Perfect.  Back the CR-V up and unload.  Pull straight ahead into the bank's parking lot and store the vehicle.  At the other end of the tent the bar was set up.  The Thirsty Pigs mobile event crew set up 15 taps of beer plus sold mixed drinks, hot chocolate, coffee and Busch Lattes for those not into craft beer.  Two propane heaters set up in the middle.  Across the street at the library people were selling food.  A tiger themed short bus was selling some sort of mini egg rolls named tiger rolls.

Colin is the DJ he is what he plays.  80's MTV style.

People packed from the bar to the DJ's speakers!

Build it and they will come.  Some time around 11 or so maybe earlier the first bikes arrived.  Racers and roadies.  The serious crowd.  The tent filled.  Colin had the people dancing and some stayed for hours it seemed.  After a few hours people I knew arrived.  They had the ISU basketball game on a bicycle stereo and we listened to the Cyclones beat Texas.  Meanwhile the beer tent was full.

Snow makes fun bicycle parking!
Mud.  Looks like a music festival in the UK.

One incident to report.  A man wearing a Thin Blue Line jersey left the beer tent and threw his cup on the street instead of depositing into a trash receptacle.   A man with a dog and a pair of cool sun glasses called him out on it.  Moments later fists were flying as a fight erupted between the two.  Two others pulled them apart and Thin Blue Line Man walked off to his bike.  I've seen a lot of crazy stuff on BRR but never a fist fight.

The fog rolled in as the snow melted and turned the ground into mud.

As 4 pm drew near the crowd dispersed and the beer tent emptied.  The Thirsty Pigs quickly untapped the beer and Colin let the last track finish.  Time to pack and go.  Amazingly, the stuff we packed at his house packed nicely in my SUV.  We filled the Honda.  As we pulled out we noticed the fog.  Great.
Loaded CR-V

The tailgate shut!

Like idiots we drove the route.  We failed to bring maps or fire up Google Maps.  The fog was bad.  As a cyclist now driving an automobile I could see just how vulnerable I am every I drive.  The bicyclists were nearly invisible, many without red flashers.  Even those that had flashers were not all that visible.  It was a long trip to Perry.  I feared for their lives and that everyone driving was aware of the bicycle ride.  Takes one fast motor vehicle operator making a curve to plow over a gaggle of bicyclists.  Then again it was good to witness this to understand how truly vulnerable I am.

This event restored my love of BRR.  I hope to ride it next year.

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