Thursday, November 17, 2011

Prospects of a Long Winter

Two mornings in a row with temps in the 20s.  Winter commuter in the shop.  The bike I purchased in Spring for this winter stolen.  Only one set of studded tires with good studs.  Growing season has ended.  Bald eagles in Capital City.  Turkey buzzards long gone.  No more song birds singing sweetly in the morning air.  Crows flocking together like gang members.  Holidays demanding cash for all things non-bicycle related.  Full speed, no reserve.

I did not mind the past two mornings.  My attire was perfect.  Even wore my sandals, Smart Wool socks with liners and a thick pair for outer layer.  Never cold.  But this evening I saw the writing on the wall.  Brenton Bank Ice Skating Rink was open for business.  FUCK ;(

Already??  Come on.  Is it really that cold???

But this is Iowa and anything goes this time of year.  We have had the greatest autumn ever.  Rained maybe twice.  Snowed once and that did not stay around.  Convenient that it rained and snowed in the same 24 hour time period, thus avoiding prolonged agony.  And this happened in the middle of the week leaving the weekend perfect!  Thank you Lord.

What my brained damaged memory recalls is this.  I was married on November 24th.  It was a beautiful day in the 60s.  A few years latter and a few weeks before Thanksgiving my step grandfather died of congestive heart failure.  I drove to Ottumwa with my sister.  We could not do the speed limit because of snow.  In recent years the temps have been similar to this year's.  Perhaps more moisture.  The end of November of 08 brought 3.5" of snow that stayed until Spring.  In 2009 I rode a bicycle to Ottumwa with my son.  It was 36F.

So now we are a week away from Turkey Day.  One last feast before December.  Forecast looks good.  4 days off in a row, perhaps some good riding awaits.  Time to get snow bikes ready.  Last chance to get new winter gear.  We will need it.  I seriously doubt that Autumn will blend into Spring come March or April.  Just hoping that it is no worse than last year.

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