Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Ride Up North

Sunday November 6, 2011

Mary and I take the tandem up north on the Neal Smith Trail. It was her idea, a chance to see how the new connection to Ankey progressed.  I suggested that once in Ankeny we should push further north by finding the beginning of the High Trestle Trail and take that to the Polk City turn off (the Oasis).  A promising beautiful day with a great ride plan.

We took the Cannondale.  Fast and confident.  No bags or unnecessary shit to slow us down.  Racing bike for two.  Today's journey would be that bike's 3rd venture in that region.

With the levy repair completed we joined the NST near Lutheran Hospital.  Noticed a new pole at the begining of the trail at "Adultery Row" as Jason Boten once remarked.  Nothing to note about the trail that has nort been said before.  Almost everything south of Sycamore Access needs to be repaved.  Especially the section that parallels I-80.

I will not that the powers that be repaved the part of the trail that the semi truck destroyed when some selfish asshole cut him off and his truck fell off the freeway.  Someone's head needs to roll.  But then again IF mjore semi's fell off the freeway perhaps more sections of the trail would be repaved.  Food for thought.

The turn to Ankeny is shortly after SA.  Unfortunately for us, a huge John Deere tractor was pulling dual anhydrous amonia tanks and it's deadly cargo wafted out direction.  "Should not be breathing this," I remarked.  Mary, a farmer's daughter affirmed my comment.  Cancer surely awaits us.

When the air cleared we arrived at the climb up to Oralabor Rd or as I call it Oralsex Rd.  Just a gentle spin upwards.  Probably fun to scream down.  We were not destined to do this.

Travelling along the trail along side Oral Sex Rd we stopped at a GitnGo.  Mary needed to relieve herself in the store's clean facilities.  We also consulted the map created by the Collective.  Since few roads are labeled on the map we had no clue where we were let alone where to turn.  We ventured further East to State Street, Road or Ave.  Mary noticed a water park and thought that this was the one we parked at when Joe Hildreth drove us to the trail.  It was not.  We then continued north to old Ankeny.

1st St.  Somewhere on 1st was the trail head.  We found it.  19 miles from the start of our journey.  Not really much.  A photo opportunity was ruin by a bicycle parked on the bike sculpture that I wanted to lean out tandem on.  No big deal.  Target acquire.  6.9 miles to the Oasis.

This was virgin trail for us.  We have ridden parts of the trail for years but never the very begining.  Not much to see.  Residential.  Eventually we found the aquatic center we started at on Labor Day weekend with Joe and Donnie Hildreth.  Soon we were out of the suburb.

I remember crossing the Irvindale intersection and looking back south.  This was the road that we should have taken from the GitnGo.  Noted for next time.  What was now on my mind was the wind.  Yesterday it was from the South.  Today the West.  terrible speed sucking cross wind.  Our speed was slow and I worried about time.  If Mary was worried she never let me know.  It took forever to travel those 6.9 miles.

I wonder who put this here??

Once at the Oasis we rested a bit.  Noting the position of the Sun I thought we were screwed.  Daylight Savings Time ended during our sleep.  It would be dark early.  By the grace of God, as we remounted the bike and turned West toward Polk City our speed picked up considerably.  Perhaps we had a better profile.  Perhaps the landscape blocked the wind.  Perhaps the wind switched directions.  I do not know.  I merely placed the bike in big ring and hauled ass the 2.5 miles to Polk City.

Familiar turf.  We split a $5 Footlong at subway, a spicy Italina on flat bread.  Purchaed two quarts of Dew at Kum&Go.  This is generally our PC Meal.  Since I am not consuming carbs, I did not eat the bread.  this was the first thing I had to eat since 10 am.  It was now 230 pm and we were 28 miles into our trip.

We took the trail back, catching the NST after Casey's.  Fun to do the bunny hills.  Nice to be away from traffic.  At the bottom of the prarie we see the original bearded one. Scott S heading north!

This rest of the trip was unremarkable.  A fun ride in beautiful autmn weather.  We filmed our selves descending the dam.  Descending the Wall

We goit home before dark.  I think it was around 4 pm.  Only one phone call.  Our neighbor saying that she did not need one of our children to clean her house.  Mary prepped lasagna before we started so all we had to do was throw it into the oven.  I was tired and hungry.  50 miles can do that to you!

Despite riding over 50 miles we barely touched our water

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