Monday, December 26, 2011

Boxing Day

Many explanations about this Canadian holiday.  None I believe.  Originally wanted a 12er of Molson and some sort of feats of strength day but that did not happen.  Golf and bowling on the Wii having my family humiliate me for too much body English.  Hit the dog at least twice while bowling but Quin launched the remote behind him nearly breaking glass.  Ham and reduced sugar soda pop.  I developed a hunger after a 20 mile ride.

Last nights northern adventure left me a bit weak.  What I really needed was water but I was too fogged to get some.  Slept until 9am and eventually went to Hy Vee with Mary sometime after noon.  Mr Egg Roll was out lunch destination.

The grocery store sucked the life out of me.  Felt very full and not motivated.  Grey skies with wind and a darkening front moving in did not help.  I went into Wine&Spirits and found a 6 pack of Molson but could not get it.  Nope.  Not needed.  48 degrees, a miracle on the day after Christmas, and all I wanted was a nap.
Nice ride back.  No long wait for the light to jump onto SE14 and take the left on Lacona but we did have to stop and wait for a truck and car.  Always waiting on cars.

Two blocks from home I thought of the water need.  Still debating whether to ride on or not.  Windy.  Chance of rain. Unload our purchases.  And then we discovered the pie

Mary's mother made an apple pie for Christmas dinner.  3lbs of apples were in between the crust.  Somehow it ended up on the floor.  We think the cat or dog knocked it off the table.  The dog ate it.  I was glad I had a slice for breakfast.  I think we had eaten nearly half of it before the animals tagged teamed the pie.  I was pissed.   Grab lights.  I slammed two pints of tap water and filled a bottle.  Give it a try.

First stop was at Best Trip, the Phillips station on the corner of SE1st and Jackson.  No Molson but Lite 16oz 6 packs.  Noticed that beer prices increased.  Bummer but 10lb of ice for $1.99.  Not that I needed ice today.

Mullets was busy when I hopped on the trail.  Quin was called in to work hours ago.  Joe Joe was at Best Trip saying he too was called in early.  Boxing Day.  I could get a Molson there.

The trail was fine except for the constant head wind.  Goose shit all over the levy.  A few stick bikes making their way east with a trail wind.  I was determined to get to Water Works and turn around.  However, the Droid was playing good tunes and I continued on my way. 

I caught up with T-Bone and Lisa shortly after seeing a man walking his tri bike.  Flat most likely but he had a cell phone and only a mile to walk to Orlandos.  T&L were totally unaware of me as I sat on their tails.  We rolled to the Shack of Safety another 4 miles away.

Tony called his father, George, and noted that people were leaving the Cumming Tap.  No need to roll further.  People gathered and everyone enjoyed a beer until the rain started.  Pack up, secure and roll.

Graham pushed it fairly decently from the evacuation to Park Ave.  The Clubman was fixed.  Three of us averaged about 19 to 20 most of the way.  We passed those who had rolled off before we started.  My 520, front and rear bags, gave me a nice work out.  Thank you, Graham, that was fun.

The rain ended by the time we reached the No Horses bridge.  Another round of beers and then home.  It was getting dark.  Dinner time was approaching.  Boxing Day was ending.  I left my bike on the deck.  An hour later when I let the dog out I noticed that it rain again.  Good timing.

My mood was improved.  I got to enjoy the warm weather.  Had a great lunch with Mary.  Played some games with my children.  Played bikes with my friends.

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