Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 Stats

7722 miles ridden/pedaled/coasted
June the highest month with 806 miles
January the lowest month with 464 miles
May, June, July and October with over 700 miles each
March, August, November and December with over 600 miles each
New record mileage for every month except July and September
Longest ride 111 miles Des Moines to Ottumwa on a road bike no support March 11th

Bicycles with over 1000 miles 2011

(includes Mary's bicycles)
Trek 1600
LeMond Versailles
Cannondale SM800
Trek FX 7.5
Trek 520
Giant Via

Tandem mileage

--Fisher Gemini 700 miles  Cannondale RT3000 344 miles
Stokers--Mary and Dora
1st tandem ride of 2011 Feb 19 Des Moines to Indianola Mary stoker, longest ride of the year to that date
Last tandem ride of 2011 Dec 30 Anders and Laura Olson's house Dora stoker


2 bikes rebuilt--Cannondale SM800 and Trek FX 7.5
30 flat tires 8 front tires, 22 rear tires, 3 different riders


4662 lbs of grocercies biked in 1093 Lts of liquid
$90 of cans and bottles redeemed
25 pizzas brought home

5 days in 2011 without riding

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