Saturday, February 23, 2013

Snowpocalypse Trail Cleaning

Des Moines did not get the 3 feet of snow that the weatherholes preached about for 2 weeks.  What did we get, 4"?  When I hit the road on the Red Phoenix at 450 am Friday morning I found the roads in great shape.  Ingersoll, for example, had clear bike lanes.  So I thought that by 3 pm, 10 hours later that all the trails would be cleared.  After all Federal Highway $$ is set aside for this purpose.

Friday 3 pm
Clive Greenbelt FAIL
West Des Moines side paths EXCELLENT
Missing Link/Bill Riley FAIL
Gray's Lake and connecting trails EXCELLENT

Saturday Snowpocalypse +1
Principal Riverwalk EXCELLENT
Neal Smith Trail EXCELLENT
InterUrban Trail EXCELLENT*
Trestle to Trestle EXCELLENT
Des Moines River Trail FAIL

I have not been on the Walnut Creek/Windsor Heights trails since Snowpocalypse.  If you have please comment.

Today, Saturday February 23, 2013, I was able to get deep into Johnston, Iowa, via trails, yet was unable to visit my local Fareway store, Park Ave, because the City of Des Moines did not clear their newest trail.

*InterUrban Trail starting at 34th St heading east, the actual trail part not the side path, was not clear but half way down the City truck was plowing westward.  He stopped and talked to me.  I thanked him for the city's efforts and told him that Des Moines does a better job than the suburbs.  He apologized saying that it WOULD HAVE BEEN DONE FRIDAY but that people bitched that the trails were plowed before the streets.  This is bullshit, two pickup trucks clearing trails DOES NOT impede the clearing of residential streets.

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