Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Normal Late Winter Morning Commute

Typical morning. Take Fritz out at 345 am for his morning constitutional. It had rained, no snow and above freezing but a tad too windy. Come back in and check the weather on the WWW, nothing on radar but the wind is from the north at 19 mph. Better than a west wind. Shit, shower, shave and brush teeth. Dress and kiss Mary good bye. Fritz has taken my spot on the bed. Step outside and retrieve FX from storage. It is snowing now. Took me 4.5 miles to realize that if... I turned off my headlamp I'd be able to see better. Illumination of snow in front of my face is blinding. Taking an extra minute or two for every mile. Wind only really bad as I cross the freeway on the Westown Pkwy overpass, the highest elevation of the ride and zero wind protection. I shake my fist at it and ask if that is the best it can do. Downhill from there and a turn into the parking lot. A few moments until coffee. I made it once again.

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