Monday, March 3, 2014

The Worst of It

I think we have seen the worst of it.  I believe the last of the below zerex mornings has passed.  The 10 Day forecast looks acceptable.  Every moment forward lessens the chance of a return to the extreme cold.  10 days from now it will almost be St Patrick's Day.  It should be green by then.  The snow does not bother me.  I can get through or around it.  But the -20F hurts.  From now on it could snow 12" and melt in 2 days.  The worst of it has to be over.

I think the worst of it was the morning that Mary and I rode together.  Within the first mile of trail we encountered a bird with a broken wing flopping around on the trail.  It was going to die.  If not from exposure but maybe a fox or cat of the snow plow.  It was extremely cold.  We could barely speak not having ridden long enough to warm up.  All we could do is look at the poor thing and roll on.  Not a good omen.

There are four electronic billboards along our route.  We always hope that the temperature page is displayed when we come within view of them.  Just a reminder of how bad or good it is at the moment.  On this particular day the St Jude's Children Hospital sponsored weather page come up.  Or it may have been the one from Orchard Place.  Off-white screen with a tree in the left corner and 3 windows for the forecast, now, tomorrow and the day after.  All three were blank.  What does that mean?  No temperature?  Negative Kelvin?  At 0 K all molecular movement stops.  I had a thought at at negative K all matter ceased to exist, hence no weather.  Mary, myself and our two bikes were the only things left in the universe and at any moment we would mercifully disappear with all of matter.  Not the case.  St Jude, btw, is the patron saint of lost causes.

Yes, that morning was the worst of it.  -5F with strong headwind.  Each pedal stroke laborious.  Ice inside the helmet and jackets.  Mary's hair frozen to her hat.  Toes getting painful with 3 miles to go.  Seems the colder it is the slower I ride.  Too cold for the truck to start.  Still need to get a new battery for it anyway.

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