Saturday, April 12, 2014

Tandem Ride Around the Metro

As close to Geocouching as we got today.  1 chair hidden in this pile of junk.

Today we were supposed to ride to the Trestle.  But threat of rain and Friday night's escapades forced us to reconsider.  Hangover City.  I did not drink that much, not as much as I did on the Fool's Ride.  I blame the three Tall Grass Brewery Buffalo Sweat Oatmeal Stout.  Bad reaction that I cannae fix.

After the milk run I filled my mug with coffee and milk and had my son ride a bike with me for this photo op. 

We slept in late.  It was almost 8am before I managed to get up, let Fritz out and started coffee.  No milk so I grabbed the Beast and rode to Best Trip for some of AE's finest.  Mary was still in bed.  Joe came over to do laundry.

By 11 am we were rolling.  Fisher Gemini tandem that we use for touring.  I needed food to cure the hangover.  We headed to Valley Junction.  But nothing here seemed appealing.  Mary suggested that we head to Grand Ave and have the pick of the two Mexican establishments, Abelardo's and La Bamba.  I picked the former.  No where to lock the tandem up so I chained it to a light pole.  #8 for me, #9 for Mary and we each had a large Coke.  When in Mexico...

Behind a locked gate lies this.  Is it a house, a nature center, church, cult temple, UFO landing site?  Between Hickman Rd and Douglas Pkwy

We decide that from here we would take a long sweep of the west and north before turning east to Johnston, Iowa, to visit my mother in rehab at Bishop Drumm.  Hopped on the trail at 63rd and Grand and took the Clive Greenbelt to its connection to the Raccoon River Valley Trail.  From there we turned at the sign for the trail 133rd street.  This led us to a nice trail that goes behind the Deerfield Senior Center.  It is a gorgeous wooded area and we cannot wait until autumn so we can ride through again and admire the fall colors.

Mary is starting to enjoy this sport of Geocouching.  One day we will find a couch for a photo.

Eventually we ended up on Douglas and took that to 128th.  With the strong wind finally pushing us we flew to SE19th Granger, Iowa/NW62nd Johnston, Iowa.  Not the best intersection to cross 141 but there is a traffic light with a button.  Mary hopped off the bike to push it and on the 2nd cycle we finally got the green.  Unfortunately, everybody wanted to follow us when the otherwise empty road turned into something of a clown car.  I needed to stop at the Kum&Go for a drink since my bottle had dried up long ago.  Not used to going from the 40s to the mid 80s so quickly.  Pull over and wait.  After rehydrating the road was empty and a few blocks away the sidepath and four lane began.

At Pioneer we opted for their trail to work our way south since Bishop Drumm is south of here.  If you ride on this trail wanting to cut through to Merle Hay Rd remember to head to IPTV instead of taking the scenic loop on Pioneer's fitness trail.  Yes, we looped.

Once free of the trails we were on target to visit my mother.  45 minutes for those that count.  We still had 11 miles to go and most likely a dog with a full bladder that needs to go out.  The Trestle to Trestle Trail and Neal Smith Trail were the ticket home.

A great day to ride.  The first time all year that the temperature passed the 80F mark.  Sure it was windy, 20+ mph SSW but that did not prevent people from enjoying the trails.  The trails were busy with bikes, walkers, baby strollers, dogs ect.  If you build it they will use it.  Nice to ride on some virgin trail for a change.  Not the long ride we needed but still some serious saddle time.  42 miles.  Hangover cured.

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