Thursday, April 3, 2014

Yeah, New Wheel Time!

Things happen for a reason.  Maybe.  Monday I rode the 520 to work.  8 hours later the rear tire is flat.  The cause of which is not determined.  The tire lacked the usual suspects, holes, thorns, glass, bits of wire, screws and nails to name a few.  So I check to see what I have.  New tube, levers, min--pump and a presta adapter.  The only item I wanted was the presta adapter.

I pushed the Trek to the Kum&Go on the northeast corner of Work's property and fill the tire up.  Too load from cars and wind to determine if there is a bad leak.  I gamble that I could make it to the next gas station before the tire deflates.  I made it all the way home.

The bike sat for two days before I replaced the tube.  I even dug out an old tire just in case.  What I discovered maded these items next to useless.  The brake surface was totally shot.  Yep, holes in the rim.  New wheel time.  No need to worry about getting the true before Ragbrai.

I have no idea how many miles on on that wheel.  It was a replacement wheel from when I got hit by a SUV after visiting Colin when he lived on Center St.  I could look it up on the bike log.  That would be effort.  Suffice to say that wheel has many miles on it possibly 5 digits.

So maybe that why the bugger went flat.  Just so I could look at it before major failure.  Life threatening, bone breaking collapse.  Amen.  Another expense on the list.  Two road bikes to prep before June.  Mary's touring bike to resurect.  A new wheelset for my touring bike.  Expensive April and May in my future.

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