Sunday, May 11, 2014

Cyclo de 10th O

3rd Geocouch score for the day.  1st with Mary in the photo.

Took a break from my Saturday Centuries this week.  I admit I was a bit disappointed deep inside, ruined a trend, pattern.  But I did this for a good cause and had a great time doing it.  Once again Mary and I controlled Check Point 4 for Cyclo de Mayo.

Craig with Last Place trophy.

Cyclo de Mayo is Des Moines original bicycle poker run.  It raises money for the memory of Joan Gill who was taken away from this world much too young by cancer.  IIRC $2500 was raised for the Joan Gill Memorial Scholarship.  Graham Johnston organizes and runs this event.  Originally a gazebo was planned but greedheads and landrapers prevent that project from being built in the location that would best honor Joan's memory.  Instead a few bicycle fixstations were erected in her honor.

That was Craig's goal, last finisher.  He also had a winning poker hand.

But the fun I had was on the way to and fro the event.  I had to meet Graham Johnston at Saints Pub + Patio in Beaverdale, the start of the ride and the HQ of the event, for last minute equipment.  On my way there i scored to photos for Geocouching and several photos for the may Challenge in Bicycle Ride&Seek on FaceBook.  Honestly, I was having trouble getting to Check Point 4.  The third Geocouch was literally half way between my house and the checkpoint.  But I waited patiently for the opportunity to take the photo.
1st Geocouch score of the day.  Originally spotted on Thursday but had to wait to take photo and submit.

After all the riders passed through our station and after Mary and I enlisted the help of a kid on a BMX bike to take our photo on the abandoned couch, we rode to the finish of Cyclo de Mayo to see the results and return the equipment.  Most importantly, get some food as my 4 egg omelet did not last long and the caffeine in my system had me a bit out of control.  I felt like I was 3 moments ahead of everything--my mobile phone, my computer, traffic and every human I interacted with.  A bacon cheeseburger would rebalance me.
This couch had been sitting behind the Hy Vee grocery store on MLK for quite some time according to the helpful smile who snapped the shot.

About a dozen of us left Saints afterwards to ride downtown.  We had to seek shelter underneath the InterUrban Trail bridge due to rain.  The rain lasted for an eternity, maybe an hour but some were discussing who we would eat.  My calves are not edible and if they were the strong muscles would be touch and too chewy.  An organic vegan would be the best choice in terms of safe meat.  I am neither.  Soon the sun returned and there was no need for cannibalism.

My job is  the Official Photographer for Craig Lein's FaceBook page  This is underneath the pedestrian bridge while taking a break from the rain..
The resumption of the ride took us to Blazing Saddles bar in the East Village and a stop at Jimmy Johns for sandwiches to eat at home.  It was dark now.  We had been out for quite some time.  I was able to get the photo of a neon sign for the May Challenge of Bicycle Ride&Seek.  What a great day!

For more information on Geocouching check out this...Geocouching

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