Friday, May 16, 2014

Final Countdown to RASDAK

Three weekends to go.  Feel like I am so out of sync with the rest of the world.  Everyone wants to ride to be social.  It's Bike Month but most of the events are scheduled during prime biking hours.  Finally we have decent weather.  Seems like only yesterday that it was -5F on my commute to work.  Spring has barely begun and I am on the final training rides of the season before the first week long tour.

I am ready.  Just want to do some long rides to really break myself in.  A century tomorrow and hopefully a 40+ ride the next day.  That is what is missing on the training, multiple back to back long mile days.   Easy to bust out 120 miler then do nothing the next day.  Weekends have been so hit and miss.  The my usual 12.5 to work and 15 home.  Memorial Day weekend will be the final test.  I plan to do 60+ miles each morning.  Three in a row.  That is as close to real touring as one can get and still keep a day job.  Sure, I could bust those miles out after work.  But work is tiring and that type of mileage will only serve to wear me out.

Hills.  Got to be hills now.  Trails do not cut it for my needs.  Trails are good for initial saddle time to break your ass in but for touring they are mere training wheels.  I'll be found in Warren County.  That county offers the best hills and roads for training.

Then the weather.  I have a feeling it may still be cold.  It has been the longest Winter ever in Spring.  Packing is another issue that will wait.  Frost this morning.  Frost warnings again.....

And when I return from South Dakota it will be time to relax and focus on bagging out.  So if I appear like a lunatic for starting a ride in the middle of the night or from blowing off social events you know why.  Just a desire to be in the best possible shape for a 7 day 500 mile ride across a neighboring state.

Hurt here so you won't hurt there--Sam Hildreth

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