Sunday, July 6, 2014

Cheap Bike Saturday

Taking a photo of a watermelon near the river.

Taking a break from serious riding I spent yesterday gathering photos for Bicycle Ride & Seek, a game we play on FaceBook.  July's Challenge seems a bit heavy on my fast bikes so I used my less expensive and more camera friendly bicycles for the remaining photos.  I rode over 12 miles on these fine machines.

The 1977 Raleigh Grand Prix Mixte

I found this at Wal-Mart.  Not inside.  On the bike rack literally rotting.  Tires where flat and shredded off.  It was there a few months.  I gave it time and then picked up with the Burley trailer and brought it home.  Originally, it was equipped with drop bars for a women's racing bike.  After a season or a few rides I decided to replace those bars for something more comfortable.  Then my son rode it off a curb and destroyed the rear wheel.  So another year in the shed before I replaced the 5-speed rear wheel with a 6-speed 27" wheel.  It has Raleigh derailleurs with shifters on the downtubes.  The front shifts the opposite way a "normal" or latest shifters move.  Wierd?  Quick release hubs.  I use it for casual riding, neighborhood trips.  I once rode it to Cumming with Mary.  I also used it on the NBB Cruiser Century in 2013.

At Iowa's Capital Building.  Photo of a water fountain.
Photo of an elevator.  red thing is a Dora the Explorer toy.
Photo of a POTUS name that is something other than a street sign.  Lincoln with his son on the Capital grounds.

Sears Women's Bike

This bike was a garage sale find.  $15 I think.  All I had to do was to air up the tires.  Long term project.  I once rode it to Tacopocalypse.  It has been sitting outside by my shed.  Yesterday was it's first voyage in 2014.

Rose Manor on Scott Ave.  Needed a photo of a green door.  Originally,, had photographed the raleigh in front of the Continental for 3 green doors but the photo was crap, too much flash.
The Watermelon Series.  Part of the July Challenge was to take a picture of a bike and watermelon by a lake or river.  I planned to slice the melon up but the river area is too icky right now.
Flood mud.

Mongoose Dolomite

To complete Cheap Bike Saturday I rode my most expensive cheap bike.  I paid $225 for this machine.  New and free shipping.  I took it out at night on a quest for food.  No photo of that ride exists so I used the Lorax shot.

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