Saturday, July 26, 2014

3 in a Row, 1000 Mile Months

Victory beer and shot at Stevie C's Dive Bar, Grimes, Iowa

For a mere mortal like myself who does not race or train for racing a 100+ mile month had been a difficult landmark to reach.  For years I aimed for July to be the first month to hit that milestone but always missed the mark.

Strange, with Ragbrai being the centerpiece of the month and the cycling season it should be the month with the most miles.  It used to be.  But 857 miles became the record.  But sometimes I handicapped myself.  Fear of wrecking or ruining a bike before the big ride saw me slacking off riding two weeks before.  And by the time I became a good distance rider my Ragbrai became shorter and shorter.  Last year I had daily work commutes longer than a few days on the Brai.

June 2013 became my first month to see me ride 1000 miles.  This was made possible by RASDak (Ride Across South Dakota) which was responsible for over 400 miles and commuting to work which usually is over 1500 miles per week.

2014 may became the second month to reach and exceed 1000 miles.  1200+.  300 mile weeks helped.  Great weather.

Then I hit 1100+ in June.  2 months in a row.

July 2014 is still alive and recording.  Yesterday on my way to Johnston, Iowa, after work I hit 1000 miles for the month.  3 months in a row.

As for a fourth month this year I do not see it in the cards.  No tours or training for tours.  Lots of bike maintenance to perform.  Need to get two or three winter commuters up and running.  Hot and humid weather expected.  August usually is a low mileage month for me.

Who knows?

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