Friday, August 1, 2014

What a July!!!

Finally broke a thousand miles in the month of July.  1202 to be exact.  Smashed the previous July record, 857, by 345 miles.  Owe this all to Mary for suggesting that we blow off The Ragbrai and head to Cedar Falls and the Cedar Valley Nature Trail.  4 day expedition on tandem that netted us with 350 miles.  Took two days off and cranked out another 50 before vacation ended.

May 2014 is the monthly record holder followed by July.  June did not see me break 1200 but its 1100+ is fine by me.  3  months in a row with 1000+ miles each.

August...I only want 800. 

Reamining Goal:  10,000 for the year.  have not done my maths yet but earlier in the week it looked like I would have 3500+ plus miles left for the year to make 10K.  Or 710 per month.  To achieve this I decided to  ride 30 miles per day Monday through Friday (commute).  Only tacking on 3 miles per day.  Plus a few weekend moderate rides to make the nut for the 710.  Probably need to hit it strong before the weather turns bad.


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