Monday, October 13, 2014

"At Least it's Not Snowing"--PISS OFF

Every cager climate changer will look at me tomorrow and ask, "You really rode your bike today in the rain?  At least it is not snowing." With some half ass smug smile.  I really do not think they understand the difference between riding in the rain and riding in the snow.  

Unless it is 100 F outside, rain generally is not welcomed to a bicyclist.  It seeps to your skin.  It penetrates through seems and almost every form of clothing except for spacesuits and Ebola gear.  And it washes the lubrication off the chain, sneaks into protected bearing surfaces such as headsets, hubs and bottom brackets.  Derailleur cables and brake cables get wet and rust too.  All the grit, and dirt from the road becomes plastered to the bike.  Not fun.  Just keep your head down and grind it out until home or whatever destination is reached.  The worst is when the temps are between 50F and 33F.  Cold and miserable.  This rain literally sucks the life right out of me.  Give me 26F and snow any day over 40F and rain.

Snow. on the other hand, is fun.  Tracks make bike art.  Snow can be brushed off ones clothing before it melts and makes one wet.  Thus, snow is less of a water hazard than rain.  Sure, snow only happens when the temperature drops below freezing but generally one is prepared for that.  The right clothing and right bike and tires and a brisk snowy day is now big deal.  And there have been days when cars get nowhere in snow but a bicycle gets you home quickly and safely and without getting snarled in traffic.

At least it's not snowing....kiss my ass!

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