Saturday, October 4, 2014

Big Oil and Metaphysical Guilt

It's that time of year again when I turn off the television and tell door to door propagandist to feck off.  Election season in Iowa.  Everything from baby killers to Big Oil controlling candidates like puppets.  But I want to call out those that bitch about Big Oil--WTF are you doing about it?

Do you drive to work every day?
Do you do 99.9% of your shopping via car?
Do you own a SUV (so unnecessary vehicle)
Do you have All Wheel Drive in a State that only sees bad snow 2 months out of 12?
Do you drive to the trailhead instead of riding the extra 5 miles to get there?

It's one thing to bitch about the evils of Big Oil and another to stop sending them your money.  Or at least reduce the amount you give them. Sure, I own a truck.  Have not driven it since May.  And a gas lawn mower.  May have filled the gas can 3 times (1 gallon).  But I have driven to work once in 2014, it's now October.  I usually pick up my groceries when I ride home from work.

If we want to stop Big Oil and stop climate change we need to change ourselves.  We need to change our lifestyle instead of hoping that some great Apollo is going to be elected and do this for us.  The easiest way is to stop driving.

German philosopher Karl Jaspers examined the question of his country's guilt and complacency during the Holocaust.  He used the term "metaphysical guilt."

There exists a solidarity among men as humans that makes each co-responsible 
for every wrong and every injustice in the world [this confuses man the creature 
with God], especially for crimes committed in his presence or with his knowledge. 
If I fail whatever I can do to prevent them, I too am guilty.”

So don't tell me about politics and all the problems with the economics when you continue to feed the beast.

I know it is not easy.  Some employment requires a vehicle.  But Just biking during Bike to Work week is lip service.

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