Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Bicycle Games of Van Randall

There are times that I really am sick of riding a bicycle.  There are also many times that I could pull the plug on FaceBook.  Yet there is something that at times makes me throw the leg over the bike and ride when i don't feel like it or need too.  And that same thing keeps me on FB.  I appreciate it and wish that others could enjoy this magic.  It is the games that one person creates for bicyclists.  Randall Van Scyoc.

Bicycle Ride&Seek is a bicycling FaceBook game.  Everyone there is a new list of items that one must photograph their bicycle near.  Usually this list is 10 to 12 items long.  Often there is a theme depending on the season or month.  For example, in October a "haunted house" was required.  In July a "representation of an American flag not an actual flag."  Often this requires a keen eye, creativity and good photography.  I usually do mine half arsed but occasionally I have a gem.

GeoCouching Map

The other game Van Randall created is GeoCouching.  Not GeoCaching.  Here one needs to find an abandoned couch or upholstered piece of house furniture and have their photograph taken of it while sitting on it with the bicycle in the photo.  Photo and exact location is either emailed to him or placed in the FB GeoCouching group.  He will then post it on the GeoCouching map (Google Maps) for all to see.  Quite fun.  Few things are as thrilling as spotting an illegally dumped couch during a bike ride.  It helps to have someone with you to take the photo or to be creative enough to build a tripod out of a smashed beer can and a tree.

A third game that Randall turned me onto was the 2014 Brewvet Challenge  This was a photo contest to ride a bike to different locations to enjoy a beer, photograph it and write a review of it.  despite starting two weeks into it, there was a time limit, I was the first one to complete it!  Had to represent Iowa!  Unfortunately, I missed the coffee version of this held last month.  Brewvet Challenge Blog

So whenever I ride I scan the horizon to look for necessary photo stops.  And often I smile when i see ones that I could have used in previous months.  And if you are riding with me when I spy a couch, prepare to stop and take my photo!  I lead Iowa in GeoCouching.

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