Sunday, December 14, 2014

Trek 560 Rolls Again

Yeah, the reable cable housing is a bit too long but it was what I had at the time and Rob was on his way.  Shifted nicely anyway.  

After a long year of only doing bike maintenance when i had to, finally pulled the classic Trek 560 out of storage and placed the finishing touches on it to make it road worthy again.  A few years ago one son managed to throw the rear derailleur into the spokes and thus destroyed the Shimano 600 Ultegra derailleur.

Several months ago I purchased the replacement derailleur and place it on the bike and put it back in storage.  I think it was because the white bar tape was dirty, nasty and ugly.  But when I pulled it out today I think the reason the project was delayed was because of the want of a chain.  I did purchase new bar tape and I removed a chain from a different bike that was not going to need it anytime soon.  it was, however, a new chain.

The 560 is a lugged and brazed Reynolds 506 steel frame.  Long chainstays and not provisions for racks.  When I purchased the bike it was missing a seatpost, derailleurs and handlebars.  I had the missing items except for the seatpost which I obtained at a benefit for Stretch Wilson's family after the death of his granddaughter.  Silent auction at Carl's Place.

The bike has that wonderful steel feel to it and at times seems a bit twitchy at slow speeds.  But it is a comfortable bike and the fit is reminiscent of our beloved but stolen 1991 Cannondale R400.  The wheels were custom built by a friend at Europa Cycles for my Motobecane, the French company not the Chinese company of the same name.  27" Matrix Titan Tour with butted spokes.  The front is a bit noisy after years of use but still a solid wheelset.

Unfortunately, I could not find my pedal wrench in time for a ride with Rob den Hartog.  Rat traps had to do.  We rode to Cumming and back and then the Holly Jolly Lights in Water Works Park.  This was our first ride together.  The first of many I hope.  It was almost 60F outside.  29 miles with stop at Principal Park.  Christmas miracle indeed!

Needed this photo for Bicycle Ride&Seek

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