Sunday, January 11, 2015

Good Grocery Ride Almost Ruined

Saturday is the day I like to hitch the Burley to a bike and ride to Fareway and Hy Vee for serious shopping.  During winter I lack to strength to do this after work despite the fact that Fareway is just a jet over 3 miles from our home and mostly trail.  So I wait for the weekend.

I grabbed the Bianchi Boardwalk.  Bought this used at the Collective.  I like the step through frame and the Tiki handlebars.  Fun bike.  It came with 700x28 tires on it but last month I put an old set of studded tires on it.  Beefy and great for snow albeit the studs have been worn to the tread.  Still, big massive cleats for the tread pattern.  Also had to do some brake work on it since it came with crap brakes.

I was really grooving into the ride.  The Des Moines River Trail is just a few blocks from home.  Nice paved trail along the south bank of the river.  This time of year, winter, it is populated by Bald Eagles who winter here for the open water.  I counted at least 20 on my way to Fareway.  The bike felt great and I am considering re-instating it back into commuter service.

Bald Eagle in flight

Picked up a fair amount of groceries:  laundry detergent, 4 2 lts of soda, 6 1 lb bags of frozen veggies, cat food, 2 cans of Bush's Baked Beans, a side of salmon, eggs, potatoes, charcoal and a few other things.  had everything loaded in the reusable shopping bags in effort to reduce the number of plastic bags we have that are only good for picking up dogshit.

By the time I hit the street I could tell that something was wrong.  Ride quality was not as good as before.  I stopped and squeezed the rear tire.  Yep.  Flat.  There was almost absolutely nothing I could have done about it.  Well, I could have turned around and gone to the gitnGo and dropped $1.25 worth of quarters into the machine and inflated the tire and hope that it held for three miles.  Or I guess I could have called for help.  DAMN THE FLAT, BEST POSSIBLE SPEED TO THE TRAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!  yes, I did not pack repair kit.

3 miles on a flat.  The tires are beefy with strong sidewalls.  Zero issues except for that lump everytime the stem side was on the bottom of the rotation.  Made it home.

Date with a tire lever today!

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