Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Well That Sucked

Phone dies at work and then bike dies after work.

Cannot get my mobile to finish rebooting.  It is stuck on the brand screen.  Ripped the battery out of it a dozen time.  Left the battery out for over an hour.  No joy.  Oh well, the screen has been cracked since July.

Then leaving work and crossing the only busy street on my commute my chain falls apart.  SNAP!  And my chest hits the the bars.  Hop off and run across the street.  Weird, discoed.  No chain tool.  First time I busted a chain in something like 52,000 miles or more.  Worse yet, new chain.  SRAM 9 speed with on 617 miles on it.  Fortunately, I am across the street from work or about a 1/2 mile walk of shame.  No chain tool on fixtation so I call in a ride.

I supposed I could have walked the 12.5 mile direct route.  No cash for the bus.  And the one dude who works here and lives near me has fled.  So without a phone everyone would worry.  Not in the mood for a half marathon any way.  Call the boy.

I have all sort of quick links and spare chain at home.  More importantly, other bikes.  Weekend project.

Of course, my son has no clue how to get here.  And my place of business lacks signs.  "Just take Westown and cross the freeway, first business on the right.  After almost 2 hours I talk him into the convenience store.  but he found the driveway anyway.

Fun never ends!

But I'm not down!

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