Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Case o Wine

The wine is actually inside the panniers and the other groceries are inside the wine box.  Safer..

New first for me.  Carried home a case of wine on the bike.  10 miles since I sidetracked for dinner.  Originally was planning to strap it to the top of the panniers but I worried about having a high center of gravity plus the stress the case would put on the bungee cords.  Concerns about bottles breaking worried me as the case was not designed for such transportation method.  they did rattle inside the box.  So I placed 6 bottles in each pannier and placed the contents of the panniers in the box the wine came in and strapped that on top.  Worked great.  No broken bottles.  Nothing lost.  It was a heavy load!

I stuffed bags around them and placed the middle bottles in paper bags to prevent them from breaking.

I was almost joking when I said that the photo of a bike with a specially built wine carrier was weak and that I could carry more wine in panniers.  Now I have proven it although 3 or 4 bottle in the past was common for me.  Had I a front rack with panniers I could have carried 2 cases home.


  1. Did the plastic bucket come with the pannier or something you added? I also spy a kickstand in there.

  2. The plastic buckets are Coleman Chillers. Not insulated but came with the reusable ice pack. Designed to hold a 12 pack of cans. The panniers I got used from a buddy but on a different bike they's occasionally get sucked into the rear wheel. The Coleman buckets prevent this by maintaining the structural integrity of the panniers. Although I lose some cargo capacity the buckets are nice for shopping and commuting to work. They have lids so stuff inside stays dry when it rains.