Saturday, June 6, 2015

Grinding Halt: Monthly Record Too Far

At the end of last year I said I did not want to set another annual record.  10,000 was enough.  But January saw another monthly record fall, 13 in a row.  February and March the same.  Perhaps that was the key.  Ignore the year but focus on the months.  Simple.  obtainable.  What's that corporate propaganda speak? SMART--specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely.  March was damn near 1K.  April exceeded 1000 for the first time ever.  May would be the bitch, the only real challenge.  1259 miles to ride in one month.  One busy month.

But the seeds of the fail were sown back in March.  Minor cold and bronchial irritation mixed with the beginning of the worst allergy season ever recorded and the death of my mother.  Stifling tears messes up sinuses.  So does crying.  At first I treated it.  Claritin, Sudafed and lots of water.  Improvement except the bronchial tubes.  I was wondering if I had developed exercise induced asthma.  just the sudden increase of demand for oxygen brought it on.  Never lasted but was there nonetheless.  No time to check it out.

The weather turned worse.  Rainy weekends all month long.  Those that were not rainy were windy or spent with friends.  No seriously long rides.  Fridays seemed to be the day, several with over 40 miles.  Merely an extra 15 or so after work.

Vacation scheduling snafus next.  We were supposed to leave for RASDak (ride across south Dakota) yesterday.  But someone beat me to the punch.  But then we switched weeks.  But then my boss was ordered to go to Chicago for training.  I am the only one that can do his stuff when he is gone.  Just as well since riding across South Dakota in my condition would be a disaster and possibly deadly.  I can take a week off later in the year.  I discovered all this a few weeks ago and that dropped my motivation for long rides.  No need now.  I should have done a century every weekend in May.  I took Monday and Tuesday off this week.  4 day weekend.  Surely I can find time to ride.

No.  Remember that bronchial irritation?  Full bronchitis now.  Coughing fits every night this week.  Feels like I am breathing sand when I push hard or climb even on the road bike.  Those days off were spent watching NetFlix and eating.  The one thing I'd like to diminish, my appetite, never did.  hunger is a sign of health, right?

Thursday I finally went to the doctor.  Normally, a cold last two weeks for me.  I get one in the fall and another in the spring.  My son Tim went a few weeks ago.  the doctor told him it was just a cold.  Gave him nothing.  He went again two days before his graduation.  Same doctor.  'Sorry I missed this two weeks ago but you have pneumonia and bronchitis."  He was pissed.  All his strength gone for graduation.  I was thinking I had this double whammy as well.  He offered to drive me.  Nope, I'll ride there on Thursday.  Chest x-rays did not find pneumonia but confirmed the bronchitis.  Antibiotics, steroids and eye drops for my blood red right eye which got infected by all this shit.  Mercifully, only have to take the drugs once a day and I do this in one shot.  Supposed to be with food but I am rarely hungry at 430 am and finding or preparing food at my house at 425 am is impossible.  No upset stomach anyway.

What does this mean?  May ended with 809 miles or 459 less than 2014.  I have lost 500 miles for June.  1100 is the record.  I could get 1000 miles if I try but I need to recover.  At the end of May I was only 13 miles behind 2014 for the yearly.  I think I still have a chance.

5 years to date when i busted the clavicle.   Despite this obvious mutilation it healed.

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