Friday, June 19, 2015

So I Ran Over a Raccoon...

Ingersoll Ave. Waterbury neighborhood.  1994 Trek 2200 carbon frame.  5am.

Just crossed Polk Blvd after the climb and built some speed up for the smoothest stretch of road of the commute.  Scoot ass back and place hands in the drops, flatten back.  not oridinary drops but Scott Drop-Ins now banned for racing.  More aero but a bit flexy but much faster than oridinary drops.  I was not going for speed, just wanted to relax and make up a few seconds, listen to the Campy hub zing as I coasted.

3 raccoons cross the street about 20 meters in front of me as I close the distance, still accelerating.  The out of the corner of my eye the fourth critter makes his/her way.  I shall call it Elmer because this raccoon was a little slow.

Still in the drops I veer to the right a bit hoping that some space would be created.  THUNK, THUD and a sort of squeak guttural noise from Elmer that I can only assume was "ouchie" in raccoon language.

Silence except for the zing of the hub.  Still upright, bike is rolling at 28 mph and smooth.  No animal cries in the background.  Keep going.  I am no vet.  Raccoons are not going extinct nor hold the secrets to curing cancer diabetes or HIV.

I stopped in a bay at the car wash to look things over.  Rear wheel could use a true but was it the raccoon that caused this or 1200 miles of commuting this year.  Ingersoll is rough.  the Clive Greenbelt is rough too.  Wheel not rubbing  on anything nor is there blood on the spokes.  6 more miles to ride to work.

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