Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Schneider Theory

Schneider's Law: when approaching a slower moving vehicle at optimal cruising speed an other slower vehicle will appear in the opposite lane and prevent you from passing until your speed has been significantly reduced and your time wasted

One of my best friends from high school is Joe Schneider.  He had one of those GM pre-front wheel drive sporty econo boxes.  Pontiac Sunfire or Chevy Monza.  I forget which one.  Sort of their attempt to steal Mustang II buyers.  Anyway, whenever he drove out on the highway, usually a 2 lane, we would notice that the only time we'd encounter a vehicle that needed to be passed was in a a no passing zone or when vehicles were in the opposite lane.  Hence, Schneider's Law of Passing.

For some reason this stuck in my melon.  I don't drive very often but I ride bikes everywhere and I noticed that his law of passing applies to bike paths and trails.  Especially after work.  Especially from May through October on the Bill Riley Trail.  I do not ride the trail around Gray's Lake until winter because of it.  I'm not bitching, just making an observation.  It's good to see people on the trails.  Better than in car on the streets.

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