Saturday, October 3, 2015

Ticker Update

Just to let you know that I am still alive and bicycling.  Through the miracle of chemicals i was able to get my blood pressure to normal and safe levels.  My doctor said that I was cured which is bullshit because I am still on 3 pills per day.  But he said not to come back for a year.

I am feeling a lot better.  Never knew I was not feeling well until I got better.  I am down 10 lbs since this ordeal began.  Mary says my snoring has decreased.  I cancelled the CPAC test because I do not want to sleep while connected to a machine.  Fook that crap, homey.

Most importantly, I started to feel sore muscles in my legs.  That means that I am actually pushing myself and building strength and muscles.  Weird that I never noticed that before.  My commute times have improved.  Average speed is up.  I even added 3 extra miles to the morning ride.

My climbing ability has improved.  I no longer feel like I am breathing sand.  Still prefer a road bike over the Soho commuter but I don't always have a choice.

I was never able to take the stress test.  They told me not to take my beta blocker that morning.  After riding the carbon 19 miles to Iowa heart in Ankeny they said my BP was too high to take the test because the treadmill would "raise my blood pressure."  Next time I'll take the bastard.  I did, however, have the echocardiogram done on my heart.  Yes, I got to see my heart in action and hear it at times, too.  But she would not let me video it.  But at least I got to see my aorta valve in action.

Still have heart palpitations.  Still learning how to control them.  Arguments seem to be an issue.   Control thy anger.  I may not possess enough mental capacity to do that but have no desire to get a grip on it through drugs.

Next goal is to spend 2 weeks backpacking through the Sangre Cristo range of the Rookies in New Mexico with my friends.  First I got to drop another 20 lbs and pass the training regime.  At least I am not the only fat fooker in this group.  Great motivation.  I hope my heart can handle 13 stories of stairs in 6 round increments for that is our training.

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  1. Good that things are moving in the right direction.