Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Does a Skunk Shit in the Woods?

Been some time since I have encountered a skunk while biking.  Normally, if I spot them in time from a safe distance I am pleased.  After all, they are a cute woodland forest animal.  I'd like to have one as a pet sans stink gland.

I am convinced that they are slow moving critters.  Their poor eyesight is well documented.  Their dead carcasses on the streets is another testament to their bad vision.  Also, their reaction times to my presence is pathetic, thankfully.  They never seem to notice me until I am right on them and by the time I am out of spray range they move.  I have never been sprayed.

So today we crossed George Flagg Pkwy and hung a quick left onto the trail going through Water Works Park.  Straighten out and applied best possible speed.  But what did Mary and I see by one of the Holly Jolly Lights display?  Tail in the air and back arched and the  familiar back mammal with white stripes!

"WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!"  Keep going! 

A second later I was not sure if it was taking a dump or getting ready to spray or just excited to mark itself against the Santa on a snowmobile light display.  But we were no longer in range (10 feet).  I prefer to see them face first.

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