Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Gamble Failed: Rain Ride

Weathered the storm and ca,e out the other side.  The sun is to my back but this sky in front of me is dark.

The touted it as a bad ass storm.  And they were right.  Optimistic to a fault at times I left work early to beat it.  FAIL.

301 pm all sorts of sirens start wailing.  I am in Clive on the Greenbelt.

86th St I put on the rain gear.  Heavy sprinkles.

63rd I hear thunder.  Rain picking up.

Crossing N Valley Dr and the rain really picks up.

Bill Riley Trail along the Raccoon River the rain is coming down in sheets.  But it is blasting from my back.  In the peripheral I can tell the sun is coming out but it's raining very hard.  It will end soon.  Standing puddles of water must be crossed.

Water Works Bridge it is over,  Sun is out and a woman in a polka dot dress is walking on the bridge with a photographer.  People never give up taking photos here.  It is about the time that I would be leaving work if I put a full day in.  I look to the west and the sky is clear.  Damn, I lost.  To my east the sky is a very, very dark blue.

Nearing Mullets I see a recumbent.  It's Joe Hildreth.  He said a cop stopped him and said he best go straight home.  A school was damaged.  He had to go.  He had about 10 miles to ride until he reached the safety of his home in Norwalk

B&B Supermarket is dark.  I need hamburger buns.  Rose unlocks the door and lets me in.  The power has been off for an hour.  Joe Brooks writes my name on a piece of paper and pins it to the board.  Pay them later.  No power, no register.  Rose told me that a tornado was spotted near the airport.  All sorts of trees and powerlines down near Fleur.  I did not think it was that bad.

I get home and there is no power her either.  Shower in the dark then read.  Funny how we feel the need to shower after getting stuck in the rain.  About 530 pm the house jumps to life and power is back on.  Damn, I gotta prepare the meal!

Almost done and Mary walks in.  Her ride was dry.

But I think about it for a moment.  Veterans Day.  November 11, 2015.  I rode my bicycle 16 miles from work to the store and home.  I was wearing shorts and sandals.  No gloves, no hat other than a baseball cap to keep the rain out of my eyes.  The battle of warm and cold air all around me.  I came out unscathed.

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