Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Beautiful Autumn Day and Ride to Cumming

Behind the altar at Cumming, St John's Cemetery

Needed 23 miles.  Needed to ride anyway.  Posting lewd videos of Turbonegro on Face Book.  Road bike action.  The Versailles was the only operating bicycle of that category.

Breakfast was before Church, perhaps between 840 and 915am.  Scrambled eggs and ground pork sausage, turkey bacon on the side.  I had two servings of the egg/sausage mix and a significant amount of bacon.  Only 1 lb of bacon shared among 4 people.  This was the only food I ate until after 6pm.  Iced tea to wash it down with.

Called Brad Overholser after Church, maybe 11:18.  He said to meet at Mullets at 1pm.  So I played on the computer til then.  And he was late which gave me a chance to drink some water at Mullets.  Not drinking enough of it at home on the weekend.

Yellow Cannondale jersey with underarmor.  Pearl Izumi shorts.  Had to wear fanny packs because there were no bags and limited pocket space.

Windy.  Marathon cleaning up.  Saw Stratford at tail end of sweeping course in Water Works.  Even Mullets was cleaned up after last night's Oakley Night Cap.

Old folks on hybrids.  Friendly. No people issues.  No one running us down.  No ON YOUR LEFTs.

Did not recognize a soul at the Tap.  Even the bartender was unknown to me.  Drank one can of Diet Dew.  First soda since Monday.  Brad had a PBR tall boy.  Visited the cemetery.  The wind was calm here. 

We paid our respects to the departed, tried not to desecrate.  There is a woman buried in 1900 whose husband is missing or still alive since 1821.  The statue of our Lord looks poorly painted in real life but this photo makes Him look 1000x better.

The ride back was nice.  Colorful.  Crowded, too.  had to bust a move around an older crowd.  One guy looked to be 90 years old.  On a black bike, slumped over he rode strong, all slumped over staring at his front wheel.  Very fragile looking when he mounted his spoken stallion but a strong rider on a windy day.  We passed him before the Safety Shack but never saw him again.

Long time spent at said roofed picnic table.  The area needs some TCL.  Many airplane bottles of booze, black writing on the wood.  Noticed how well made the path to the pisser was.  Much use this year.

We looped Water Works backside on return.  Camera could not do it justice.  No, phone camera sucked.  Asian family gathering in back.  Always a car somewhere.

So after 30 miles I got home.  Brad went to Mullets.  Mary had dinner almost ready.  A wonderful stir fry of green and red cabbage, carrots, red peppers and breakfast pork sausage.  I liberally applied Franks Hot Sauce (cayenne pepper) on mine.  Delicious!  thank you, Honey Bunny.  I was starving.  Had not eaten since 9am.  3 lbs lighter than I weighed after breakfast.

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