Thursday, October 27, 2011


I think I had my 1st cycling mirror 15 or 20 years ago.  It stuck on to the helmet or glasses.  Whenever I took my helmet off or my glasses off I had to readjust it.  It broke.  Don't recall how well it worked.  Must have sucked because after it broke I went 15 or 20 years without one.

So I found one that fell off a bike.  Kinda nifty.  Fits onto the bars, drops, and is secured by a velcro strap.  Incredible adjustablility.  Easy to swap to different bikes.  Thought I was lucky.

First major use was my ride to Dallas Center.  I placed it on the tandem.  Major issue was that I never used it.  guess that it was so new that I forgot that it was there.  It took some time to start using it.

Next issue is the "objects apear smaller."  I am talking about "objects appear so damn small that you will not see them until they are right up your ass" smaller.  Seriously, even semi-trucks are invisible until they are right on me.  Piece of shit.

The one and only advantage---get ready---night riding.  The mirror does a good job reporting the presence of car lights behind me.  That is its only value.

So if you know anyone who lost a mirror on the kybo bridge in Water Works park, let them know I found it.

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