Sunday, October 23, 2011

Dallas Center

 Anyone up for a ride to the Raccoon Trail to take the new section and loop back? Start early Saturday morning.--FB post Oct 18th, 839 am via mobile

Eric Crabb Without booze?
October 18 at 8:44am ·
  • Kelly Barnett How early?
    October 18 at 8:44am ·

  • Christopher R Guevara ‎8 or 9 start. @Crabb, you can drink. If only there was a carb free way to put life into perspective safely
    October 18 at 9:41am ·

  • Sam Auen again, I would love to join in, but 2 more farmers markets. then it is back in saturday group ride mode.
    October 18 at 10:09am ·

  • Christopher R Guevara Be there in spirit
    October 18 at 10:26am ·

  • Craig Lien Can we go to Dallas Center?
    October 18 at 11:59am ·

  • Christopher R Guevara Waukee dallas center, the new trail part.
    October 18 at 12:31pm ·

  • Teena Shineflew McIntire Yeah We might be up for going to Dallas Center. FUN! What time do you leave?
    October 18 at 4:58pm ·

  • Christopher R Guevara I'd like to get rolling by 8 or 9am.
    October 18 at 5:40pm ·

  • Stephanie Shearer ‎" If only there was a carb free way to put life into perspective safely" - like! :)
    October 18 at 5:41pm ·

  • The text began later but Saturday's were paricularly good

    706 am--"I'm riding with where you meeting Brad and Teena at? text 1
    Replied at the beginning of The Missing Link and walnut Creek Trails
    735 am--"I don't Know where that is I need an extra seat you have one?"

    Strange request, but Craig had one and plenty of time to put it on by the time we got rolling.

    Teena's were more interesting:
    808am--"I think we are going to leave a little later.  Up late due young 2point Buck getting hit and was pretty banged up, then police shot him in my neighbor's yard and then gave it to him to process."

    Not that Mary and I were moving quickly.  My damn left leg was killing me at the knee again.  Woke up Friday and it felt like I slept on it wrong and cut off circulation.  My commute to work was fine, strong and fast.  But as the day wore on the leg got worse.  I almost could not get my shoe on because I could not bend my leg.  The first pedal stroke home was a FAIL.  I could not.  Had to get a run for it and "worm the bastard up."  I have been walking like an old wounded man.  Good time to take the tandem out.

    I chose our Cannondale tandem.  No racks, no bags and tires too narrow for a tandem.  700x25s I purchased for the Iowa Games.  Fast.  But today slow due to my bum leg.  The bike was last ridden on Memorial Day.  Tires were very low and the wheels were covered with spider webs.  Not a way to treat the pride of the fleet!  Our Fisher tandem was the two seater of choice this year for its racks and Ragbrai self containing ability.  I pumped the tires up and thought about hosing it off.

    I told everyone that 830 am was the launch time.  The sun barely makes its presence known until after 7am so we slept longer than we should have.  I needed a high protein breakfast of eggs and sausage.  We were behind time.

    I added the Cyclosound stereo to the bike.  Since my iPod is dead I used a Droid that my son gave me.  Tuneage is always good.

    texting continued:
    828am--"I'm heading to front row Will switch seat there"  Craig was able to go home and get a different saddle.  Apparently he broke the rails on his Brooks and purchased a Selle leather saddle for the wait on Brooks.  This one broke in the same spot.  So today he had to sport a "gel saddle for fat asses that are not used to bike riding.

    Craig Lein's 520 with new saddle

    We were almost ready.  Because of my leg I had to ride the tandem by myself to warm up.  Very very painful to ride a tandem with a leg that cannot complete a full pedal stroke.  I rode around the block a few times until I felt comfortable with Mary on back.  I do not know when we actually left.  I remember seeing 838 on a clock.  Craig texted us at 852 and I am not sure if we left by then.

    Teena soon texted at 904am--"Fixing breakfast."  guess we will not see them as we were at least a mile into the ride.

    We met Craig along the trail at the car wash across from Grand McDonalds.  He was sitting there chilling.  Anders Olson happened to be there too, walking to work.  he needs to fix his bikes but I applaud him for walking to work instead of driving.  With Craig with us we ventured further.

    The Clive Greenbelt is either loved or hated.  My friends hate how it winds and the possibility of colliding with other trail users.  But I like to push my luck and speed through here.  Averaging 16mph is thrilling.  Keith from Bike World once tried to average 20 mph!  Crazy!

    I handed Mary the phone after we exited the tunnel under Hickman Rd at 1013am.  "Text My Number '13.4'"  This was to mark the distance from our house to the beginning of the boring climb up Hickman Rd to Waukee.  Stokers are good for that shit.  "Hey Baby, handle it so's I can concentrate on keeping the bike moving upright."  Thanx!  She also handled the incoming text and volume control on the stereo.

    941am--"We are getting bikes out"  Teena and Brad
    949am--"Rolling" Teena and Brad.

    We barely missed them.  They were taking the trail from QT to N Valley Dr and Walnut Creek Trail.  Close.

    The ride to Waukee was dull except for conversation.  I hate these trails built on the side of highways but they are needed and useful.  Average age of bicyclists that we encountered was 80.  I forgot to stop at Walgreen's to pick up Aleve but this far into the game my leg was working more than it was barking.

    We stopped at the intersection by the old trail head.  Mary had to use the kybo, Craig had to play Foursquare and I needed a moment for safety.  Got here in one piece but took an opportunity to sort things out.

    The new trail is paved with concrete.  the first few 10ths of a mile were completed last year.  Unfortunately, when they completed the rest, concrete dropped off the construction equipment and left debris on the old section.  the west side of the trail seems cleaner. 

    I feared that this would be a trail cut through the middle of a cornfield but was pleasantly surprised to see trees and bushes on both sides of the trail.  Some wind protection and something more to look at.

    Intersections interrupt the flow.  They curve to make people slow down and stop.  All intersections were dug out for flood control and culverts were added.  Trail is paved over gravel roads.  Nice touches although I prefer to keep it straight.  Oh well, this may save lives.

    We wanted to find a place to sit down and watch the Hawkeyes play Indiana.  As we rolled in, admiring the nice homes and lack of ghetto, we spotted an man riding with his son.  "Excuse me, sir, Is there an establishment in town?"  he affirmed our desire and told us to continue on the trail.  We found the Blue Moon Tavern or lounge right off the trail in downtown.

    Nice bar with restaurant on the other side.  Opens at 11 on Saturdays and serves food til 2pm.  I had a grill chicken breast on a salad with lots of Tabasco sauce and a basal mic vinaigrette.  Craig had a prime rib sandwich and Mary some sort of wrap.  PBR tallboys were the drink of choice for my companions, I elected for Diet Mountain Dew and water.  One note of complaint, the soda machine needs to be cleaned.  It tasted like shit.

    As we ate and finished we watched the Hawks beat the crap out of Indiana.  Teen and Brad arrived about 45 minutes after we arrived.  Good to meet up.  After eating and drinks they left to go to a friend's house in DC.  We were not more than 2 minutes behind them leaving the bar and were amazed that they got away so quickly.  It was like they vanished.  guess we take our time and fuck around too much mounting our spoked stallions.

    Leaving we noticed families out for rides on the trail.  Good to see.  I did another saftey check and photos were taken.  The ride back was uneventful  we all agreed to do this again.  Clocking in at 24 miles or so this is the same distance as Polk City and much easier.  It is about the same distance as Cumming.  No lean to which is a bummer.

    We stopped at Caseys in Waukee for Busch Light.  And then we stopped under I-80/35 for a beer break.  I broke my diet beer fast and had one.  Tasted great.  Here Craig located Kelly and others.  they were at Capital Pub and Hotdog.  We told them we would meet them at Water Works.  From the our location we could be in Cumming in an hour.

    The greenbelt was ok.  Kinda like skiing with all the switchbacks.  Trouble occurred on the Walnut trail near McDonalds.  Although we worked out a system where Craig would drop back one time he was in the middle of the trail when we crossed a bridge with an oncoming biker.  The old man yelled at Craig, who was clearly in the wrong, but that bastard should nopt have been riding so fast into a curve that obscures the view.  "RIDE ON THE RIGHT" he yelled.  we laughed and later told him that the triathlon was over.  we should have told him to fuck off.  Not worth capitalizing fuck off.  But the appropriate response for assholes who ride too fast and hate fun.  Chill out.

    At the bridge in Water Works we stopped for a beer.  as soon as we cracked open our Busch Lights a woman and her daughter and a friend appeared for photos.  I have seen many people hog the bridge for photos this season.  I think the scenery is blah, not enough color, but I guess the natural back drop is desired.  We offered to move but they said it was not necessary.  they were nice.  We took our own photos.

    Craig's mobile device indicated that our friends had moved 3 blocks to the Locust Tap so we headed there.  Kelly, Abby, Brad and Calle ans Jon Cox.  Sam Aeun later appear, walked into the tap and the barkeep threw him a PBR.  I had a Hamms, tasted like shit.  Can't go wrong with Bushlight. 

    Notice that no one used the bike rack?

    Interesting that he allowed drinking outside.  As he should.  Too beautiful day to be wasted in a shithole.  Days like this are a precious resource that we unfortunately possess too few of until Spring.

    We  did not stay long, Just a mile to our house or so, started dinner, then rode to Fareway for boneless pork rib meat.  It was dark when we left the store.

    52 miles to Dallas Center and back.  Felt like 20.

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