Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bad Dogs, Bad Owners

I have been chased by dogs countless times.  I have been bitten while riding once.  It was a Lab.  It was healed next to its owner as I passed.  But because the bad owner did not have it leashed it chased me and bit me.

Countless times I have ridden passed someone walking a dog and that dog is on its rear legs choking itself as it tries to break free to bite, lick, tackle, say hello, piss on me.  Just a cheap leash between me and Fido.  They need tasers.  Or I do.  "CALM THE FUCK DOWN!"  ZAPPPPPPPPP!!!

I know there is a fallacy in my next argument but I firmly believe that hunting dogs are the worst dogs.  I had a Lab once.  Once.  Great outside.  Took it MTBing with me all the time.  George went to the lean to with me a few times.  Unleashed.  Let her in the house and she turned into the Tasmanian Devil.  Grogan's dog, Marley.  What was that...some sort of retriever.  My mother's last few dogs, all hunting breeds.

So today I am riding and two large dobermans enter the street unleashed.  I keep an eye on them.  The owner appears as the red one spots me.  But before it changed expression the owner shouts something, both dogs turn toward him and get in a truck.  They never looked at me again.

5 minutes later Joe Whitey is walking his leashed yellow Lab.  He needed to hold the leash with both hands to hold ground.  The dog is in the classic 2 legs up and choking position despite Mr. Whitey commands.

My dog you ask?  A Great Pyrenees   Bred to protect sheep from bears and wolves.  Capable of killing both.  I am a bad owner.  I never trained her and at 13 years she is not about to be trained.  But on a leash she she is gentle to the human walking with her.  At 125 lbs without such a calm nature she'd tackle the bicyclist and drag her master/mistress with her.  Inside the house she has always been well behaved unless food is left out.

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  1. So many people around here (water works / park ave) have unleashed dogs. I will NEVER have Remy unleashed unless we're in a yard with a fence.
    Remy has lunge issues with cyclists. I am working hard on training that issue and am so aware of my surroundings. I never let his leash have slack on the trail, who knows when a bike is coming up behind us! I see bad owners all the time, their dog and leash taking up the whole trail, having to reel them in before the cyclist can pass. Ugh. Right now, with Remy's lunging issue I don't even walk on the trail because of it-- we stay in the grassy area. People are annoying fucking dog owners around here. Part of why Remy is so fearful on leash now- is because of a dog that lunged at and "attacked" him because of another stupid dog owner.
    I'm definitely still learning when it comes to dog training and dog etiquette... but some people are completely clueless.