Thursday, March 14, 2013

Radio Dead Iowa

Been in cheater mode too much lately.  One thing I notice about driving cars is that I drive with one hand on the wheel and one on the "seek" button on the radio.  If I am on a long trip I will bring a CD or 2.  But CDs are a pain in the ass.  i always worry about scratching them.  Dropping them too.  So I play with the radio.

Honestly, I can't find a fucking station to make my ears happy.  I have been bombarded with classic rock all my life.  It's what we play at work.  So that kills 94.9, 93.3 and 100.3.  The last one plays the same songs every day.  I could go the rest of my life without ever having to listen to Styx, Queen, Kansas REO Speedwagon again.  93.3 plays Elton John every hour on the hour.  It's dull.  I dislike modern hip/hop/rap/Beyonce/bling that seems to be popular.  I wish Train and all the wannabes would get hit by a train for being over played.  Bruno can go to Mars and stay there.  Lazer FM?  See classic rock and add wannabe.  Never cared for grunge.  Not extreme enough.

The other evening I ended up on a KJJY country station because I liked the guitar and the fact that all of these songs were new to me.  But since then I swear they played 10 minutes of commercials.  Never again.

I tried 99.1 KFMG but usually they are playing songs in Spanish when I am out in the vehicle.  Not my ear candy although I heard a great Columbian band doing a Eurodisco track but the announce did not state their name slow and clear enough for the gringo to catch.

That brings me back to public radio.  Tuned in to some great music last night only to be destroyed by a pledge drive.  the one time I actually tune it in I get the commercial!  So I hit "seek" again.

Today I settled on 89.3.  Old rap and dance tracks and hip hop.  "Lady's Night" added some pleasure.  Dora thought I had lost it.

Who knows.  Two weeks ago I had the children's station on.  Beats Kate Perry and Smelly Clarksen.  Still have not heard the harlem Scuffle or Crazy Frog.

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