Thursday, November 6, 2014

Great Job Clive: Greenbelt Repair

The day I saw the sign announcing the closure of Clive's Greenbelt Trail for construction I was upset yet I knew it was necessary.  The trail had a few sections that were falling apart and others that were bubbling up from tree roots, erosion ect.  The trail is old as far as metro trails go.  I recall riding on it back in 1991.  The sign said the work would continue through November.  Happy was I to see that the work was completed before the second full week of November end.

Photo taken from a section that has been eliminated.  A sharp turn to the right just past that tree was the order of the day before reconstruction.  Unfortunately, the trail was half missing at that turn.  If bikes traveling in the opposite direction me there the one going east would be forced to ride where the trail disintegrated.

What did they do?  Resurfaced and straightened.  Nice new asphalt complete with striping.  Benches are added and 2 or 3 nasty curves have been eliminated.  I always likened riding the Greenbelt to skiing.  Lots of switchbacks.  Although it could be dangerous it was fun the take those sharp turns and hope nothing or nobody was in the way.  But it is safer now for everyone.

Super job, City of Clive!  Now could you do the rest of the trail?  Yes, I'll hate it when construction starts but in the end the trail will be much better.  Thank you!!

The straw covers the old section of trail.  Another needless venture toward Walnut Creek.  Notice the deer on the left?  He's happy with this.  Happy the construction is over!

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