Thursday, November 6, 2014

Traffic Lights Again

I have 7 controlled intersections to cross on my way to work.  All are in West Des Moines.  Not a single light can be trigger by the mere presence of my bike.  I have two choices: OBEY or IGNORE.

I do my utmost to be a good citizen.  If I choose OBEY I have to wait for a car to trip the light or go up on the sidewalk and press the cross button and get back on the road before the light turns or a car takes my spot.  I'd like to see car drivers get out of their vehicles and do this.

So the other day I am going downhill and go off the road to the sidewalk and stop at the light pole and hit the button.  I stop 6 cars.  Sometimes I wait until they are past before I press the button.  This day I did not.  Part of me wants to laugh. "Ha ha suckers, I got you!"  But the majority of me feels a bit guilty.  "Sorry.  I just need to cross this intersection.  Forgive me for making you late."

Then I thought about it.  When I drive I never ever feel bad about triggering a traffic cycle.  Nope.  It's my right.  I need the RIGHT OF WAY.  I really doubt 99.9% of drivers feel bad about disrupting someones journey.  "They was askin' fer it!"  Why should I feel bad about it on a bicycle.  I'd rather run the light.  Stop first, of course, look both ways and go for it IF SAFE.  But heaven forbid if I am spotted by the one dinosaur brained fossil fuel burning safety nazi that spots me doing that.  Yes, hit the button and make them stop.

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